Shark Week

Let me sum up the first six weeks for you.


I was so smug.

La la la.

I have so much energy!

I can still run and bike!

I don’t even feel  extra sleepy!

I love oatmeal and salad!

I have so much energy!

La la la.

And then the week 7 assault started.

seven week shark

photo credit

Now I just feel like I’m permanently hungover.

I don’t even have a night of debauchery and drinking to show for it.

I just live in a constant state of fatigue, lethargy, and nausea.

Oh, the nausea.

It’s not so bad that I’m hovering near a toilet (yet), but it has become a permanent fixture in my days.

And she’s a fickle mistress.

She makes food simultaneously repulsive and irrisistable.

But only specific foods at specific times.

And if it’s not a white, starchy carb, get it out of my face.

John tried to hand me some apple cider to fight some post-walk low blood sugar, and if I had the energy, I would have ninja kicked it out of his hand and into the next zip code.

Unless you wait five minutes, in which case I’ll probably be fighting to get it.

The rate and speed at which I experience specific food preferences is in itself, nauseating.

Thank goodness they go as quickly as they come because some of top contenders have been pizza, macaroni and cheese, and lasagna.

This in addition to the box of cocoa puffs and bag of chocolate chips that I polished off last week.

I vowed I would never, ever, be that pregnant lady that used pregnancy as excuse to gorge myself on junk.


It also now requires monumental effort to gather the energy to get off the couch.

Basically, I just lay there for 2-3 hours fantasizing about buttered toast.

And then I plan my day around 1 or 2 tasks and 17 hours of rest.

But it doesn’t mean things haven’t been busy on the inside!

At six weeks and five days, the peanut looks like this:


And we have a heartbeat, folks!



You can’t hear a heartbeat this early, but you can see it flicker on the ultrasound.


Makes my own heart beat pretty fast!


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