Ghost Hunters

We have a little game we like to play around here.

It’s called Cravings.

Basically I just randomly call out things that I’m craving.

We can be deep in a debate about the merits of cloth vs. disposable diapers and in the middle of a rant about the complexity of cloth diapers when I blurt out


A few minutes later you might hear

“Buckeye Bars!”

And about 7.8 seconds after that

“Chocolate cupcakes!”

They hit hard and fast.

It’s an art in agility just trying to dodge those suckers.

But the one that’s been pervasive?

A cream-filled donut.

With crack-ely frosting.

John (known here on out simply as P-Daddy)  doesn’t know what crack-ely frosting is. but I assure you it exists, if only in my mind.


The weird thing is, I’m craving foods I never even liked before.

Like spicy chili with extra hot sauce.

And Nachos with extra hot sauce.

And Tomato Soup with grilled cheese and hot sauce.


Oh, and LemonHeads.

Any sour candy, really.


abhor sour candy.

I was lamenting all this to P-Daddy and he just looked at me with sad, puppy eyes.

“I’m so sorry I did this.”


He glanced at my new, poochy belly.

“Those are my cravings. I put those in you! It’s in my genes!”

I laughed so hard I cried.

And then I went back to thinking about donuts.


That’s right.

Casper, the friendly gingerbread ghost, wants a donut.

Do you see it?

First I thought it looked like a gingerbread man but then P-Daddy so kindly pointed out that it’s upside down.


Oh, so it’s Casper the ghost then!

Casper can wave with its cute, little nubbin arms.

Yep, I was super busy last week.

I made some arms and some leg stumps, a couple of kidneys, eye sockets, nostril holes, and even started working on a placenta.

I was so tired.

It was the kidneys.

They took it right out of me.

This week I’ve got fingers, knees, and eyelids in the works.

Shouldn’t be too tough.


Sunday, November 16th marks 8 weeks!

Did someone say donuts?


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