Gobble ‘Till You Wobble

Being pregnant makes me feel like a big baby.

Because all I want to do is eat and sleep.

Bedtime hovers right around 7:30-8:00PM.

If I’m lucky.

That’s about the time I get finished with dinner, get the kitchen cleaned up, and have a moment left  to turn on the television to the show that I will inevitably fall asleep to within 3.5 seconds.


With days of nausea interspersed throughout.

But overall, this week has felt pretty good.

I think I’ve finally found a routine that works for me + P.

My day starts with a couple of shooters of  a B-complex vitamin and vitamin D.


Then I walk on the treadmill for 40-50 minutes before work.


I tried other pre-natal workouts but even they  left me feeling drained and depleted.

Brisk walking feels glorious and I try to sneak in 1-2 walks per day.

This week I managed to walk almost 25 miles!

Sometimes I feel bad that walking is the only form of exercise I’m getting, but then I realize:

1) Walking makes me feel awesome.

2) Being able to do any exercise right now is awesome.

3. Less squats means my pants fit a whole lot better.


P-Daddy had a pretty exciting week too.

He came to his first ultrasound!

PB is still working on those arms and legs and for a second I thought I had a little turkey in there.

Peanut Turkey

And wouldn’t you know that little turkey actually wiggled on the ultrasound?

Show off.

I’m pretty sure it was all a show for P-Daddy but PB sure was shaken’ a tail feather in there.

Or maybe PB was just excited for Thanksgiving.

Gobble Onesie

I know I am.

I made a practice round of my vegan Turkey Day contribution.

I don't eat turkey onesie

I used THIS recipe and adjusted the amount of ingredients using the ultra exact measuring science of “eyeballing” it.


I can’t wait to smother it in ketchup.

Because EVERYTHING gets smothered in ketchup.

I don’t even think it’s a pregnancy thing.

I think I’m just weird.

Hope that’s not genetic!




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