Of course, I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Especially these:

Maternity Leggings

I never want to have to wear pants again.

Pants and I didn’t get along so good prior to this and now they are just my nemesis.

I fully expected all kinds of bodily changes but I certainly didn’t expect them so quickly.

I’m two sizes up in regular clothing and finally made my foray into maternity gear.

Sometimes I laugh.

And sometimes I cry.

If it’s like this now, what will it be like a month from now?

Six months from now?

I’m scared to even think about it.

But none of this seems to bother the peanut.

I suppose the P is just making room to dance in there.

And man can those happy feet dance.


First of all, I was not expecting FEET this week.

Last week there were only nubbins for legs.

Peanut Turkey

And this week that little cherry pit was doing a little dance during the ultrasound!


I imagine it was a surge of energy from all the stuffins’ and pie.

And oh so much chocolate.


I basically ate chocolate almond brittle for breakfast until I had a massive craving for salad at lunch.

I almost never crave salad these days.

So I had one two huge plates of salad to appease the belly.

And I’ll take any greens I can muster because I spent the rest of the weekend making fudge.


Of the peanut butter variety.


And then because that didn’t quite do it for me, a batch of the rich, cocoa kind.


And then I set to work on my top secret Christmas Cookie Contest Recipe.


Were you expecting a picture?

I said it was top secret.

Kind of like the Peanut.


For now, anyway.


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