Do you hear what I hear?

I learned that the babe has working ears this week.

I thought I was gonna be all lullabies and bedtime stories, but it turns out we’re really into classic rock right now.

And a few alternative jams for good measure.

Here’s what I sing to the babe.


In the shower.

And in the car.

Except at stoplights when there’s a car next to me. Then I bring it down to a stage whisper.

Or at least turn my head and scream it in the opposite direction.

For those about to rock, we (me and the babe) solute you:

Ozzy Osbourne

ozzy osbourne

Particularly anything  everything from the No More Tears and Osmosis albums.

no more tears osmosis

Tom Petty

tom petty greatest hits

Give me all your greatest hits, please.



I will never stop believing.

Alice Cooper

alice cooper

Because I’m way past 18 but still get confused everyday.

Vance Joy


It’s hard to be mad while I’m day dreaming about rip tides.

J. Roddy Walston and the Business

take it as it comes

Because it reminds me to take things as they come.

Tove Lo


I liked this months before it hit mainstream and I liked it better when it was masquerading as alternative and not pop, but it still doesn’t stop me from giving the babe’s ears a sound check.

AWOL Nation


Because I can blame it on my A.D.D, baby.



Work Song

From Eden

Take Me to Church

Because all of his songs sing to my soul and therefore get special encores in my super acoustic shower stall.

The babe’s theme song is buried on one of these albums.


Any guesses?

16 weeks!


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