Sharp Curves Ahead

Some days I feel completely ready to navigate the steep learning curve of pregnancy and parenting, and other days I’m not sure why God even trusts me with another human being.

Most of this has to do with the amount of sleep I got the night before.

Good night’s sleep?


Practical, logical, methodical, and considerate thinking ahead.

No sleep?

bad sleep



I’m a beast.

And not in that sexy, gettin’ it in the gym kind of way.

beast mode

More in that, I hate my husband because he did all the dishes, started the laundry, ran to the store to buy me fresh fruit, took care of the dogs and got the coffee pot ready, but OHMYGAWD he didn’t take the laundry out of the dryer.

I might as well do EVERYTHING myself.

Sorry, P-Daddy.

It’s not you.

It’s the bile and acid that burn a fiery, fiery black death into my throat and mouth all night long.

You know that joke about “vomiting in my mouth a little bit?”

It’s less funny between the continuous hours of 7:00PM and 8:00AM.

And it gets even more irritated by dagger-y like things such as  oatmeal and water.


And then I think about how I’m going to be a cranky, mean-y pants Mom because I’m all Jekyll and sleep deprived.

That is, until I get a good nights rest and then I’m the funnest, most awesomest person on the planet.

Well, not really, but I at least put the bear claws away.

The good news this week is that we had another OB appointment!

This time, with courteous professionals that congratulated us,  made eye contact, explained everything, and seemed genuinely interested to be working with other humans.

We took a quick listen to the heartbeat (150 bpm strong!) and set up some future appointments.

If I didn’t have the “glow” before, I certainly did after leaving the new office.

I can finally rest easy knowing we will be in very kind,  capable hands.

The other good news is that I rummaged up some energy to actually go to an actual store to research some baby things.

You know, instead of YouTubing, Amazoning, and E-Baying it.

So now I think I finally might have the concept of the different types of baby carriers and cloth diapers.

It was a small, locally owned shop and the owner gave us full tutorials on everything.

We stocked up on a couple of different kinds of cloth diapers including the All-In-Ones and a newer kind that simply consists of a cover and a snap(!) insert. The benefit of the latter is that you can re-use the same cover 2-3 times before washing which saves both time and money.

 All in one

snap in diaper

We figure if we can use cloth diapers most of the time, we’ll be able to save over $1500 long term, and that’s with an initial investment of about $400.00.

However, we’re hoping to save even more money by inheriting some cloth diapers from friends and purchasing the rest on e-bay.

Since I now also have a better grasp on the different types of baby carriers, I’m hoping to thrift store and E-Bay some carriers as well, because those suckers are EXPENSIVE.

The truth is carriers are like athletic gear.

Each kind has different benefits for different activities.

So, if I can finagle it, I’d like a ring sling for quick trips, a wrap carrier for comfort, and something akin to a backpack system for hikes and long walks.

ring sling

moby wrap

And P-Daddy even snagged this one online for $6 (the cuteness!)


And now, even though two wonderfully kind couples helped us decipher the stroller section of Target, I’m not even that worried about a stroller anymore because I can carry the babe until I figure out what kind of stroller suits our lifestyle the best.

I still want to give a shout out to the random parents in Target though. They pointed out features that I would have never, ever even thought about and it was so great to have their input.

So, thank you random Target friends, for laughing with us and not at us while we spent 25 minutes trying to collapse a stroller, and then finally helping us figure it out.

It takes a village, right?

PS…can I leave the kid with you when I wake up with my bear claws out?

Ya’ll seem like legit nice folk that aren’t a mean-y pants like me.

But Thin Mints are now Vegan.

Can’t be mean for long with that kind of information.

Vegan Thin Mints


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