The Eighth Wonder of the World

Dear Peanut,

P-Daddy and I braved the 20 degree wind and cold and went on a hot chocolate hike to celebrate our 8th anniversary.

photo 3

That means we’ve been married for EIGHT years.

We like to spend our anniversary outdoors in the blistery winter cold because it reminds us a lot of our wedding day.

Wedding 014

Last year we went skiing at Bear Creek Mountain in Pennsylvania.


We’ll take you there in about, oh, three or four years.

Since you’re too little to ski right now, this year we headed down to the state park to share a salted caramel hot cocoa and wind our way through meandering paths to end up at the glory that is the Atlantic Ocean.

photo 2

photo 4

While we were walking, I realized that I picked the best Dad for you!


In celebration of the eight years that brought us to this memorable moment, here are eight reasons you are going to love your Dad so much:

1. You already take his breath away. He was so excited when he found out about you that he couldn’t even talk!

2. Whenever you’re sad or upset about something, he’ll just listen patiently, even if it takes you a solid week and half to get the words together.

3. He loves to hug. Be ready for it at all times, especially when you’re directly in the middle of something super important like building the ultimate Lego empire or baking a prize winning Easy Bake Oven recipe.

4. He can fix everything and manages to get it done before you’re even done crying about it. Don’t worry. He’ll help you rebuild that Lego empire and fix the knob on your broken oven.

5. He plans on snuggling with you a lot. I know this because he’s already bought three carriers so ya’ll can hang out together.

6. He’s hand painting the artwork on your bedroom wall. He’s very creative and I see lots of crafts in your future.

7.  He’s already plotting fishing, camping, and kayaking trips with you. I’ll let you two bond in the wilderness together while I stay home and “borrow” the easy bake oven.

8. He held out for 19 whole weeks before he cupped his hands around his mouth, got in real close to the belly (you!), and in his best Darth Vader voice, said “Baby…….I am your Father.”

But I’m pretty sure you already knew that based on how well he takes care of me, your Mom. How he runs to the store late at night to get me medicine or chocolate smoothie drinks. How he started doing the dishes every night after dinner so that I could rest and work on making you into a functioning, tiny human. How he spent the last two weeks on the phone with insurance companies and contractors trying to make sure the house is in tip-top condition for when you get here. How he takes me to church so we can thank God for all of our blessings. How he calls me from second hand baby stores to tell me about the bouncy seat that is on sale for a steal. How he researches all the baby products because most of it boggles my mind. How he spends his free time with me in hippy, dippy baby stores perusing all natural baby wipes and discussing the pros and cons of wet vs. dry bags for cloth diapers. How he works 60-90 hours a week to make sure we have everything we need. And how he makes sure we know how much we are loved each and every single day.

But you will have a lifetime of discovering these things for yourself.

And I can’t wait to watch.

photo 2

19 weeks!


5 thoughts on “The Eighth Wonder of the World

  1. Granny says:

    This is the best blog ever !❤️❤️❤️ Yes John is going to be an awesome dad and peanut is very lucky to have you as mom ❤️❤️❤️ Together you will give peanut a happy home and life.


  2. Charlene says:

    I’ve known John since we were little kids and grew up together. He’s always been so kind & generous, and I imagine becoming a daddy only brings out the very best in him. I’m so happy to see him married to such an awesome lady, being such a great husband! I know baby peanut is already very blessed and very loved. I can’t wait to see your lives forever change when Peanut makes his/her grand arrival! It’s literally the best moment of my life. ❤


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