Gray Anatomy

Last Thursday we had PB’s anatomy scan.

That’s an ultrasound that’s done around 19-20 weeks to make sure that all the body parts are in place.


I was  quite surprised at how both terrified and anxious I was in the days leading up to the scan.

To the point that it was hard to even enjoy the process because I was one big bundle of nerves.

I usually try not to let this kind of negative thinking be so all consuming, but the idea of being responsible for the creation of another human carries enormous weight for me.

I’m already an expert in Mom guilt.

Like, have completely surpassed the minimum requirement of 24 hours a day/7 days a week of chronic worry.

Or perhaps that’s just my typical amount of neuroses?

Either way, I often find myself forgetting to exhale and living in a constant state of uneasiness.

I sound super fun, eh?

Anxiety Expert Level: 100000000000000000000

So even though I laid on the hospital bed, frozen with fear, and afraid to sneeze, I quite enjoyed being able to watch the babe swim around for 45 minutes.


I couldn’t tell crown from rump to save my life, so I tried to spare myself the agony of counting all the body parts and making sure they were all there.

I would hope that if something was amiss, we would have gotten a call from the radiologist, but we were only politely told that we would follow up with the OB at our next appointment on February 19th.

The technician was kind enough to send us home with lots of photos, but holy cow, it might the kind of thing only a mother could love.

There was no cute “profile-of-a-budding-baby pic.”

Just a lot of skeletal looking screen shots.

And in case you’re wondering what we’re having, I’m 98% certain that it might be a salamander.


It’s too bad they couldn’t send us home with a video of when PB started waving or doing the butterfly stroke mid-scan.

But either way, it’s a relief  to see that PB’s bones seem to be present and accounted for.

Here’s a glimpse of PB in progress:








The technician spent a solid five minutes trying to get a nice sideline profile, but PB was being stubborn.


I would expect nothing less than a tiny, little, fire cracker in training.

20 weeks! 


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