Check, Please!

The last few weeks have been spent seeing how much money we could possibly remove from our bank accounts in the shortest amount of time.

It seems silly to complain about this since all adults have a laundry list of bills, taxes, and various expenditures.

But I still have that naitivity  that comes with new adult responsibility where I’m like

“Seriously? I have to pay for this shit?”

I mean how important is it really to replace the roof that is leaking into the living room?

And who decided it was ok to charge $400 dollars for a damn dog exam? They weigh the same, eat the same, and have the same crud on their teeth.

We complete that check-up every morning for free.

After receiving an extraordinarily large tax bill (did you know it costs $10,000 in addition to paying regular taxes just to work for YOURSELF?!?!), I was about done with the check writing.

Just about. 

On the advice of a co-worker, we decided to start checking out daycares because apparently the waiting lists are insane.

So insane, in fact, that I had to ask my Mom to move into our home 800 miles from her own just to cover the two months between my return to work and the time the slots actually open.

So, we scoped out some local daycare centers and asked what we hoped were intelligent questions even though we are completely naive and had no idea what we were looking for.

We narrowed it down to two options with comparable quality of care but one was closer to my work and the other cost slightly less.

In the end cost won out, and we chose the center that we will spend a little more time driving to but will save us over $900 a year.

Our theme for this entire pregnancy has been “Baby on a Budget.”

We were this close to finishing the nursery spending only  a respectable few hundred dollars, but P-Daddy was having serious anxiety about not having a rocking chair yet.

But I just couldn’t find anything I liked and I don’t like to make purchases until I’m absolutely sure about them.

I knew the right chair would come along.

And it did.

Thanks to P-Daddy.

He found a practically brand new Eddie Bauer rocker at the local Goodwill at less than half the regular price.

Once he sent me the picture, I was sold.

It was similar to the chairs I had been eyeing from Pottery Barn that sold for a cool $1400.

Pottery Barn Chair

We picked it up that day and P-Dadddy hauled it in the house through the snow and sub-zero temperatures.


And then my dog promptly peed on it and stained the whole bottom half.

Welcome to our home.

So I wrote the check for the day-care deposit and checked another parenting first off of the list.

All of this on the heels of another monthly check-up where the babe’s heartbeat is still going strong at 150 beats per minute made for a pretty damn good day.

Even though I got into an argument with the doctor about having to drink that nasty orange drank with 80 grams of sugar just so I could prove I don’t have the diabetus. I mean, doesn’t that crap GIVE you the diabetus?

I mean, really.

Here are the pictures of the nursery, dog urine and all:


P-Daddy hand painted the trees on the wall! 



And repainted this antique dresser from my Grandmother. 


Pick your carrier 




PB’s view from the cage  crib. 


And PB, I promise I will clean you more than I did my Cabbage Patch Kid,  Ross Barnaby.


We can’t wait to spend lots of time in here.

Sleeping peacefully and restfully, I’m sure.

Could someone please convince P-Daddy that the room NEEDS this elephant play mat?

Elephant play mat


And thanks for checking in!

22 weeks! 


4 thoughts on “Check, Please!

  1. Keri says:

    You better clean that baby more than Ross!!! Eww. Also, I’d like to be assured that the cage is not near those blinds and cords, please!

    The Greatest Aunt Ever!


    • We’re going to need a leeeeetle more credit than that. The cage is on a wall with no windows and no access to cords or blinds. It’s also not covering a heater so the babe isn’t living in a sauna 🙂


  2. Granny says:

    Peanut daddy- peanut needs this playmat, I also saw these and thought peanut needed one. Keep checking your local second hand stores on your days off. It pays off ! The rocking chair rocks !!!!!!!


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