Fish Tales

Did you guys know P-Daddy is an artist and a storyteller?

Here’s an example of his most recent work.


The story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was a praying mantis and a bear who fell in love. 

Together they made a fish and lived happily ever after! 

Let’s analyze this piece, if we may.

The characters:

The Praying Mantis: Me.

It’s the recent nickname P-Daddy christened me with following my new-found fascination with murder mysteries and crime shows.

I insist it’s because I’m a curious observer of human behavior but he’s convinced I’m preying mantis just waiting to strike.

The Bear: P-Daddy.

He tries to tell me it’s because he loves big bear hugs but we all know it’s because he can be a bear in the morning before he has his coffee.

The Fish: Peanut

Peanut is actually a fish that swims around the ever growing fishbowl (my belly) all day long.

Feeding the fish chocolate and coconut water encourage fish gymnastics.


Fish is enjoying it’s time in the fishbowl until it’s big enough to live in the fish tank (the nursery).

Our unconventional family actually found some fun items to add to the fish tank at a local antique auction.

On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and walked to our favorite coffee shop.

Because the first mile was pre-coffee, the bear grumbled and I, in true mantis form, wanted to bite his head off.

We politely agreed that it was probably best to resume any conversation post coffee consumption.

I ordered a soy milk latte for me and the fish and P-Daddy ordered a steaming Spanish latte made with sweetened condensed milk and cream.

We sipped our beverages during the rest of the walk to the auction site, and the urge to bite off the bear’s head slowly abated.

Feeling antsy from the caffeine, we skipped the auction items and perused the flea market items.

We found some great buried treasures!

These Über cute dinosaur wood block toys:


Another swaddling blanket appropriately adorned with whales.


Fish will get along with the whales swimmingly.

Ross Barnaby already does.


I also found some fun kitchen items.

I’m VERY particular about my wooden spoons and was excited to find these:


Mantis and Fish sized!

And I was equally excited about this wooden bowl set that will be a nice vessel for fish food and strong enough to withstand whatever abuse they might incur from  toddler- sized fish.


And this bracelet because I like to match my kitchenware:


P-Daddy added this to the pile:


We did a kickboxing video last weekend and now he’s hooked.

The fish finds it amusing how we flop around our basement gym and make excuses to take frequent water breaks.

Oh, I almost forgot.

We also found fish’s very first toy.


In a tree.

At the coffee shop.


P-Daddy plucked it from the tree, sanitized it, and proudly displayed it in the living room.

Dear fish, 

Your parents are beyond embarrassing. 


We got all of this loot for just over $6.00!

We rode the high of our flea market finds for the 2.5 mile walk home.

But not before stopping to look at a bigger fish tank, I mean house, for our growing family.


26 weeks!


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