Wishing and Hoping

It’s finally here!

Not the baby.

The baby registry!

We found a great website that lets you add items from any store whether it be a local boutique, national chain, or online site like Etsy.

You can also add things like house cleaning, homemade dinners, and babysitting services.

Our registry is pretty generic but we add things here and there as we freak out remember them.

We created the registry in conjunction with the suggested registry lists that are provided on the site.

There’s a bunch of categories to choose from and I found them pretty helpful.

To use (or just peruse) the registry, click on the link below.

When you see an item you would like to purchase, click on the “reserve it” button.

You can then purchase items in-store or online.

We don’t really know what we need, so if you feel moved to purchase off the registry, we welcome all gifts!

But that’s not to say you should feel obligated to buy us anything at all.

Having you in our lives is a gift all it’s own.

In the midst of preparing for baby, we’re also preparing for Spring Break.

We’re meeting family for a glorious week in Florida.

Please hold any “beached whale” jokes until…..forever.

Here’s the link to the registry:


27 weeks!



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