We spent a lovely spring break in sunny Florida.


And even though most of the you who read this blog were either with me or saw the pictures on Facebook, indulge a pregnant lady.

Also, everyone has been screaming for “bump” photos.


Two people.

Two people asked.

Well, here you go.

Here’s the bump with a side of Florida.


I can’t kick off this photo sharing session without starting with a picture at one of the scariest places off of I-95.

Tens of miles of hilariously pun-ny billboards promised ice cream, southern style reptiles, authentic mexican food, rides, and amusements at Pedro’s South of the Border in South Carolina.

What we got was a giant spark plug and drug deals going down in the dirty, dirty, bathrooms.


We thought maybe the shady pit-stop got a little more lively with the light of day but the return trip confirmed that it was one big, abandoned horror movie-esqu theme park.

My hair stylist is going to get a significantly reduced tip for that little recommendation.

Let’s move it a little further south, shall we?


Florida was glorious.

My sister found a fun little resort just south of Tampa that offered a secluded taste of the tropics.



It was especially fun getting to watch the niece and nephews kick it the way only kids can do.

11078126_10152665342397665_3047876213638762883_n 11134163_10152665357052665_5313798734355851694_n 11150822_10152665341277665_2694541584048922985_n

And we got a little silly ourselves.


P-Daddy spent most of the trip trying to convince me to let him bring home a pelican.


I really think he just wanted something to help him catch some fish.


To be honest, I had a lot of fear going on vacation at seven months pregnant.

I mean, what does a big, old pregnant lady do when you can’t sip fruity cocktails, ride roller coasters, or generally engage with the normal population?

You find the hottest new workout on the beach and Pound it out.


I seriously loved this workout so much.

I’m not normally one to fall into the latest group fitness craze but this workout, which was combination of cardio, dance, and drumming, left me feeling as good as when I crossed my first 5k finish line.

And even though I barely have any coordination and I definitely don’t have rhythm, I was able to pound out a solid exercise class.

Since even getting out of bed feels like a workout these days, I was beyond thrilled that I could participate.

I immediately ordered the DVD as soon as I got home.

Let it rip.

I think the most surprising thing during the whole vacation is when I would catch my reflection and I would realize

Holy crap. I’m REALLY pregnant.

Sometimes I would forget about the bump and it always caught me off guard when I looked in the mirror and saw this big, giant belly protruding from my body.

A mixture of anxiety, excitement, and fear usually followed.

I mean, we’re in the final stretch here, people.

And as much as I like to spend $1000.00 on professional photos, I am happy with my silly, fun vacation pictures.

This one is perhaps my favorite.


Here’s another bump shot.


Ah, if only these last few months of pregnancy felt as good as that vacation.


29 weeks! 


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