Putting on the Pounds

The big news on the belly front (other than the literal big belly in front) is that I passed the glucose test!

What’s the glucose test?

It’s when they pump your body full of a sugar-y glucose drink to see if you have the diabetus.

I was PISSED that I even had to take the test because I just wasn’t sure what good could come from drinking 50 grams of artificially colored glucose sugar water.

But truthfully I was afraid they were going to hand me a 32 oz. smoothie-esque drink (like those AWFUL barium drinks for CT scans) and I would spend the rest of the day fighting wicked acid reflux from too much citrus flavored liquid.

And even more afraid I was going to fail.

As is usually the case, I was way more worried than I needed to be.

They handed me a petite little bottle of fruity drank that was reminiscent of sucking down cold Hawaiian punch on a hot summer day.


After that I got to peruse trashy magazines for an hour while I waited for my blood to be drawn.

2012-16-12 - People Magazine - Cover

Not a bad way to start the morning,

A couple of days later I called to confirm that my results were normal and was beyond relieved to find out that they were.

For the record, there seems to be mixed opinions about whether or not you should fast before the glucose test because A LOT of women fail the first one and have to endure a second, three hour test (needlessly, I might add, since most women go on to pass the second test).

I chose to fast but couldn’t quite get out the door without shoving something in my face, so I snagged a few bites of a baked blueberry oatmeal bar I made the night before.

Thankfully, it didn’t affect the outcome.

The other good news on the belly front?

I can still work out despite this ginormous fishbowl resting on my hip bones.

fishbowl t-shirt

Not a picture of me, but somebody please buy me this shirt!

Which is exciting because guess what came in the mail?

The Pound Rockout Workout Fitness DVD’s!

photo 2

Remember that class I took in Florida and loved?

Well, I ordered the program and tried a couple of the workouts last week.

I was on the fence about paying for the program since I think it was a tad (a lot) overpriced but it’s been sooooooo long since I have found a workout that I enjoy as much as this, so I decided to take the plunge.

And I’m so glad I did!

It came with 5 discs that include an overview of the workout, 4 (30 minute) workouts , 1 (40 minute) workout, and 4 (10 minute) bonus workouts.

photo 4

It also came with a recipe book and a program guide with fitness log.

photo 2

Obviously at 30 weeks pregnant, I don’t plan to follow the fitness guide exactly, but I’m not ruling it out for after the nugget arrives.

Also, the recipe book has some tasty sounding recipes for salads, dressings, hummus, and juices.

photo 3

The recipes are simple and the photos definitely inspire healthy noshing.

It also came with weighted drumsticks, called Ripsticks, which are the reason I love these workouts so much.

photo 3

When I’m pounding the drumsticks and focusing on the beat, I sort of forget that I’m doing a zillion lunges and squats.

The other bonus is that most of the workouts are only 30 minutes and yet I feel like I worked more muscles than other 45-60 minute workouts I have done in the past.

It leaves me feeling energized and empowered when I finish, instead of feeling drained and depleted.

And I think a good, 30 minute workout will be just what the doctor ordered (and the Mama can handle) with an infant added to the equation.

There just aren’t a lot of workouts that I love while I’m doing them (many of them only feel great after you’re done) so I’m very excited that I found this.

Bonus points because:

1) You can do it in your bare feet which removes the added workout of just trying to put shoes on


2) There have been minimal times that I’ve needed to make a pregnancy modification to the prescribed movements.

P-Daddy even made a pair of his own Ripsticks so he can jam along with me.


Now we just need a baby pair of Ripsticks for the Peanut Fish!

31 weeks! 


One thought on “Putting on the Pounds

  1. Grandma says:

    Never had a sugar test. Things are way different than 30 yrs ago.
    I am sure peanut daddy will come up with something for some baby rip sticks 😀


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