Little Things

All of the little things are starting to fall into place.

Except the belly.

That is as big as ever.


But each week, small to-do’s get crossed off the list.

We met with a couple of pediatricians and chose the one who will take care of Fish once its no longer in the bowl.

The office is very inviting, fun, and even had two waiting rooms (one for sick kids and one for well visits) which I was very appreciative of. The doctor was funny and friendly and we just felt very at ease. Plus all of the staff were incredibly welcoming and kind.

We also had another check up and  took the opportunity to ask lots of questions about labor and delivery.

The midwife patiently answered them all and assured us we still had plenty of time to ask questions.

It may feel like plenty of time to her, but I feel like we need to get ready now. 

But still, this weekend was all about having fun.

We cashed in a gift card at a local baby boutique and picked up some stylin’ gear for the little one.

I was on a mission to find baby aviator sunglasses and was excited to see they had Babiators  in stock.


And we couldn’t resist a tiny pair of Toms to go with them.


Fish is already way more fashionable than either of its parents.

The best part of the weekend was the little shindig my friends threw me.


It was a small, relaxing affair and I spent a perfect afternoon picking the brains of my Mommy friends and feeling blessed that I have such an amazing group of women in my life.

I’m not much of a cryer, so perhaps it wasn’t obvious to them how much I appreciated the whole event, but it was truly everything I envisioned  a baby shower to be.

A small group of women enjoying really good food, decorations, conversation, and just spending an afternoon together.

And it doesn’t hurt that I got some SWEET gifts as part of the whole deal.


I’m an incredibly awkward gift recipient so I can only hope each of them knows how much it means to me that they took the time to make me feel so special.


For a moment I was sad that I didn’t take more pictures, but I’m actually more glad that I spent every moment just soaking up every moment.

I couldn’t feel more blessed or more loved.


34 Weeks!


3 thoughts on “Little Things

    • The dress you bought me was perfect! Good thing you got it for me otherwise I might have shown up in jammy pants and an oversized t-shirt. Stella’s shoes are just making rounds.


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