Good Things Come in Threes

There’s a reason they call it maternity leave and not maternity vacation.

This is really hard work!


There’s so much about being a Mom that I had heard but didn’t really understand.


It’s the hardest job you’ll ever do but the most rewarding.

Your priorities will change.

You’ll never be the same person. 

Things really do get better. Usually around three months.

And it’s all true.

I’ve never worked so hard in my life.

And I’ve never made so many stupid noises just to get that smile reward.


I didn’t know that biking, boating, cooking, and cleaning wouldn’t be my priorities anymore, and I was even more surprised that I (mostly) wouldn’t care.

And the hard things really do get better.

Just as we hit three months.

It still astounds me how naive I was about how hard it is to be a parent.

I thought everything was instantaneous.

(Pause to change stinky diaper)

Like the whole bonding thing.

I thought that was sort of automatic or at least occurred within the first couple of days.

Instead I’m finding that it’s like any other relationship.

It takes time to get to know one another.

Her quirks.

Like needing her Dad to Squish her cheeks to fall asleep.


Her cries.

Like how she starts with a shriek before settling into a whimper. 

Her likes.

Sitting upright at “the office”


(Pause for nap time)

And it takes time for her to get to know us.

To know that we will come when she cries, feed her when she is hungry, finally let her out of her straight-jacket swaddler.


Each passing day, as we search for our rhythm, I understand a little bit better how becoming a parent is a process.

It’s a series of small changes filled with challenges, victories, and quite a few defeats.

And each day I feel a teeeeensy bit more confident about the process.

Except for last Tuesday.

Please send P-Daddy cookies for enduring the most wicked wifely hormonal onslaught this side of the Mississippi.

Thankfully, he has a sense of humor and he put me down for a nap and did a little bonding of his own with the Squish.



Sadie Jane……

Is working on rolling to her side

Learning how to put herself to sleep

Went swimming in the pool


Went on her first trip to Pennsylvania


Has more gas than a Texaco Station

 Next month I will head back to work and Squish will have adventures in daycare.

I can’t even begin to process that



One thought on “Good Things Come in Threes

  1. Grandma says:

    The best non paying job you will ever have besides being grandma ! This job has smiles and cuteness that money can’t buy. I’m sure you and John now know the true meaning of bundle of joy and precious. You will still do all the things you love to do but you will just change how you do it. Take a walk,change diaper,finish walk,feed baby,start dinner, check on baby, stir dinner,change baby,feed baby,finish dinner,start dishes play with baby,give baby bath, finish dishes, get things ready for next day,get baby she’s crying,rock baby,put baby to bed, say hello and goodnight to hubby,😉😀😀😀😀😘 best job ever mom and dad ❤️


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