Crazy 8’s

Well, here we are again at 5:00 AM.

I just got done nursing the babe and now I’m nursing a cup of strong coffee (the deliver methods are different, I assure you).

Sadie  Sassy Jane will be 8 months tomorrow.


She might as well be 18.

Watching her learn and grow is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced.

Every day is a series of mini milestones that make my heart swell.

I am constantly in awe of the new skills she seems to have acquired overnight.

I want to stop and write them all down but life happens so fast that I just try to tuck them into a corner of my brain where I can think about them when she really does turn 18 and I presumably have a free minute or two.

You know, I’ve been around babies and have watched them grow up.

But somehow I took for granted just how magical the developmental process is.

It’s awe inspiring.

Sassy Jane is an observer and an explorer.


She  concentrates intensely on new objects and new toys.


She does this from her brand new vantage point of unassisted upright sitting.


She only occasionally topples over which sometimes requires a snuggle and other time turns into series of rolls across the living room.

Rolling and sliding are her main mode of transportation.


I’m almost worried she’ll never crawl because she’s such an efficient roller.


But she will crawl because every once in a while I catch her with her butt straight up in the air while she figures out how to maneuver her knees into the necessary position.

Here are some other reasons month 8 has been great!

Valentine’s Day! 


Sadie had her first Valentine’s Day party at daycare. She shared some treats and got a bag full of Pinterest projects in return.


Of course, the Valentine that really stole her heart was a classic square of card stock paper that she played with for a full 40 minutes while I ate her package of banana puffs.

Birthday Parties! 


Sadie’s second cousin turned ONE and Sadie was there to celebrate. She spent most of her time hanging with Grandma-Grandma because Grandma-Grandma is awesome and who wouldn’t want to be her side kick for the afternoon?



Sadie has finally moved into the child seat of the grocery cart. I love toting her around in a baby carrier, but my back is especially excited about this one. It only took about 22 minutes to figure out how to use the cart cover.




Sadie is definitely interested in books (and everything else). Grandma  Denise sent her a book special to my own heart-The Thingamajigs! P-Daddy is freaked out by them but where else is a girl going to learn manners than from dirty, ugly trolls?



She has two and uses them to eat more sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, blueberries, apples, and, ahem,  prunes when necessary.

The SASS! 


Sadie gets more smiley and more sassy every day. She lets out a string of “mmm” and “bbb” sounds from morning to night. I’m confident she’ll be singing “Mmmbop” any minute. Every once in a while there’s a long “momomomomom” that makes my heart melt faster than the snow in Delaware.

For everything Sadie has learned this month, I learned something very important myself.

Love, to me, has always been endless and infinite. What I didn’t know is that infinity can grow. Every day I think I can’t possibly love this kid any more than I already do but then tomorrow comes and I love her more for a million new reasons.

 I need to bookmark this post on my phone so I can read it when I’m summoned for the millionth time in the middle of the night.

But for now, just excuse us while The Sass smooshes her face into the corner of the couch while licking and cooing and I refill my giant cup of coffee.

8 months



One thought on “Crazy 8’s

  1. Granny says:

    Watching your baby grow is amazing !So fun to watch them investigate and learn and all in the blink of an eye. Can’t wait to see this little muppet again,her smiles are definitely heart melting from afar. Yes that love will keep growing with all the little giggles,kisses and hugs. Babies are truly Gods blessings ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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