It’s all fun and games until someone has to eat a dirty sock.


And then, it’s still all fun and games.

This is seriously how she entertains herself.


IMG_1460 IMG_1458 IMG_1456

She army crawls around the whole house with a sock hanging out of her mouth.

This is in between olympic speed floor swimming to the dog dish, electrical cords and bathroom garbage cans.

At 9 months old, I can see the resemblance between us. FullSizeRender-11

This girl is funny. 

And she really likes to eat.

Another thing we have in common.

IMG_1424 IMG_6196

I basically look the same way after I devour a sweet potato blueberry puree.

(Pause blogging because I just found in her the corner with my sock and computer cord. For reals). 

She also loves to Godzilla a tower of blocks.

She hauls ass across the house to do it.

IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1464

She also still loves to be outside.


Luck be this lady.


And this family.


Also, could someone pick us up one of these?


It would really help with the neglected house cleaning since I’m too busy retrieving i-phone cords and the contents of our garbage every 3.5 seconds.

And I just really believe it’s important to teach the importance of contributing to household tasks.

Yeah. That sounds good.

Now please excuse us, someone is popping a new tooth and someone is crying.

I won’t say who’s doing which.




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