Sweet 16

If you blink, they turn a year and a half.


Life happens faster than the shutter speed on the fanciest camera.

I’ve written two sentences and I’ve already had to stop twice to wrangle a rogue toddler.

She thinks she’s grown because she can walk…..

all over the house and right into our hearts.


She’s training for the big leagues now.


Some of her adventures have included the zoo, the Children’s museum and the pumpkin patch.


img_1815 img_1816


I’m pretty sure we’re raising a strong willed woman.


I can’t wait to see what direction life takes us next!


SADIE JANE’s List of Loves: 

1.  Helping with the laundry

2. Reading ALL the books! Animal books and  “Moo Baa La La La”

3. Playing with the “DOH” (dogs)

4. Helping to clean the house with her mini mop set

5. Playing hide and seek…..with herself

6. Slamming doors in Mom’s face

7. Trying to swim in the toilet

8. Playing with rocks

9. Eating fruit. Any fruit. Only fruit. 

10. Scanning the sky for airplanes

(I think this is the last photo taken of the three of us and it’s from six months ago!)


We survived 16 months!

Little Pumpkin

Today is October 22nd, 2016. 

It’s my birthday and almost Sadie’s Jane’s year-and-a-half birthday.

And we’ve decided to add another birthday to the family.


The day before Sadie turns TWO, there will be TWO siblings.


We’re adding another pumpkin to the patch!


Coming June 2017 to a family near you!