15 Candles

It is nap time and I have approximately 7.6 minutes to update you on the last 9 weeks. It’s more efficient to do this in list format and who doesn’t love a list anyway?

1. People who are horribly unorganized.

2. Animals

So here’s what you’ve missed in the last 63 days:

1.  61 days of extreme nausea. The kind that feels like those moments juuuuuust before you’re going to puke but you’re not sure if you’re reeeeeallllyyy going to puke so you just go hang out over the toilet and then you end up puking because of the visual cue of hanging over a toilet.

2. 59 days of meals that consisted of heavily buttered toast and waffles. Every meal. All day. I never want to see toast or a saltine again. Just kidding. Toast is glorious.

3. Halloween! Sadie dressed up as Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch and it was A-DOR-ABLE. ADORABLE! The concept of trick or treating was completely lost on her but Mom and Dad made out like bandits. Gluttonous, gluttonous bandits.


4. Thanksgiving! 


Sadie made her big reveal to the family that she is going to be a big sister! She wore a hot pink t-shirt that said “Big Sisters ROCK” and strutted her stuff all around the turkey. Several of our family members thought we were referring to our dogs but at least one (a newly initiated in-law) finally figured out the meaning behind the message. I would have taken a picture but I was deep in the throes of recap number 1 (see above).

5. Christmas! 


Sadie’s grandparents came to visit and………..


I overshot that 7.6 minute nap estimate by approximately 6 minutes.

Be right back.


……..and she loved having lots of playmates! They played silly games and Sadie learned about 758 new gibberish words and 5 actual words. She now calls her Dad by his first name and tells us all when the dogs are misbehaving.


6. Baby, Baby, Baby

a. . Baby had a “dating” ultrasound. Everything is right on track for June 21st!

b. Mom had a blood test for genetic abnormalities in baby and to determine the gender.

c. Mom got to hear the baby on the doppler. Baby’s heart is beating strong at 160 BPM. (Just like big sister at the same gestational age).


With all of our family so far away, we wanted to do something special. What better gift for Christmas than finding out if this little nugget is a boy or a girl?! We hand painted foot prints on ornaments of silver and gold, packed them up in festive boxes, and sent them to our loved ones to open on Christmas Day.

I bet you want to know the color of that footprint, eh?

It was PINK!


Almost exactly two years apart.



15 weeks!


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