The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Sadie is napping and I, for once, am not spending these quiet moments cleaning or sleeping.

I already feel like I need to apologize to number Two, because number One is keeping me too busy to blog with the same regularity as I did before.

Now I understand why there are so many more pictures of first children!

Now, there are no free hands to snap styled and posed pictures like in the old days.

Welcome to Second Child Syndrome, Thing 2.

The upshot is you will most certainly develop a wildly funny sense of humor in an effort to stand out as the youngest in the family.

I know because that’s my area of expertise.

Here’s the second pregnancy lowdown:

1. The queasiness has set in. Bleh.

2. I wake up feeling hung over every morning. Except I didn’t imbibe yummy libations the night before. Instead, I fell asleep at 7:30 with a cookie and Netflix.

3. All I want to eat is JUNK FOOD. Pizza, burgers, french fries. If it’s greasy and salty, make it a double.

4. I don’t have as much time to Dr. Google every.single.symptom. since Thing 1 is always in the go (See above). I guess this is good?

5. With Sassy Jane, we were able to get weekly ultrasounds practically from conception. It is SO HARD not to have weekly reassurances that everything is progressing normally. We won’t have our first appointment until 8 weeks and I’m not even sure they can check for a heartbeat with the doppler that early.

6. I have no idea what to expect at a traditional first OB appointment since we were with the Rolls Royce of Reproductive Specialists for the first one.

7. I already worry about being able to manage two. I can barely manage the first one 98% of the time!

8. I am LOVING the new degree of independence Thing 1 has developed. Now that she can get herself around and communicate more with us, life feels 200% easier.

9. “Easier” is a misnomer. Nothing is easy.

10.  I ran out of thoughts. Time for a nap.



One thought on “The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. Denise says:

    You are a great mommy and will manage just fine. Big sister Sadie will be ready and willing to run for diapers and help any way she can. Your big sister was such a help to me. She was going to give you a bath at 2-3 weeks old and fed you bottle on table with nipple not screwed to bottle. She also saved you by hanging onto one leg as you were about to go down steps. 😜. You will do just fine with extra helping hands 😂❤❤❤


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