Pain in the……

Pregnancy has literally become a pain in the arse.

With Sadie, I was able to exercise normally and regularly right up until her scheduled c-section.

That included lots of walking, yoga, and even 5 mile hikes on the weekend.

With this nugget, a 20 minute strength workout and a short dog walk has me laid up for days.

My back, legs, and glutes are literally on fire.

I feel like I’ve run 10 miles at the end of each day.

It’s so frustrating!

So here are the things that count as exercise now:

Walking up the stairs.

Walking up the stairs with a 23 pound toddler.

Walking anywhere (slowly)


Construction WorkIMG_2347



Hunting for Easter Eggs


Having a stomach bug (“burned” a lot of calories that day!)


Gardening (I hear it’s a great workout!)


Walking the beach


Nesting Cleaning the Garage (5 hours of manual labor)


I can tell that you’re wondering why these photos of me “exercising” don’t actually have me in them.

It’s called a partner workout.

So shut it.

I also wear a weighted vest all day to increase the muscle burn.

Just kidding.

I just carry around a bunch of extra baby weight.

Speaking of baby, she’s apparently all snug in her home.

Heartbeat ticking away normally and kicking Dad when he tries to hug me.

At 36 weeks, we’ll start checking to see if she gets into position or stays stubborn breech like her big sister.

8 months!


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