May day, May day!!

The big kid is sick.

Like, puke-y sick.

Like, I could identify exactly what she had eaten for the past 12 hours.

Then I wanted to be sick.

Parenting is hard, y’all.

I imagine seasoned parents look at newbies and laugh.

Or cry for them because they know the struggle.

Juggling two is a heroic feat.


There’s hitting.

There’s tantrums.

There’s incessant whining.

There’s endless rocking to sleep.

There’s food that gets prepared, looked at longingly, and then thrown away.

There’s night terrors.

And that’s just the parents.

Sometimes the kids have, say, some challenging behaviors.

During marathon nursing sessions, I read all these inspirational motherly articles and I’m like “I got this shizzle! I’m a freaking behavior therapist. Let me just show you how it’s done.”


Then the kids simultaneously erupt into a Mount Vesuvius of cries and I crumble like a cookie that I used to actually have time to bake.

And eat.

But darned if they aren’t the cutest little tornado volcanos that you ever did see.


It is literally what is keeping them alive.

What’s that you say?

You’d like to see a picture?

That would require time and hands with which to take such picture.

Plus, the two year old stole my phone.


Like, legit stole it and calls all of our relatives.

And some people from college that I met once at a party.

Ah, college parties.

How I miss thee.

It brought back the fondest of memories when the big kid hurled all over the living room floor three times and then asked for a snack.

Perhaps she’s in training?

Perish the thought, Twister Sister.

You are going to trade school.


Or joining the Peace Corp.

We do believe in choices after all.

Pardon the rambling tangents.

I haven’t slept in 62 days.


May day! May day!

While the big kid sleeps off her hangover stomach bug, I’ll update you on the baby bug.


2 months:

AKA: Reeses pieces, Reese Cup

Likes: Staring at the ceiling, listening to bathwater run, walks in the stroller

Dislikes: Sleeping, Staring at the ceiling for too long, walks in the stroller if she’s awake

Milestones: She smiles! Although I’m pretty sure she’s just laughing at me trying to wrangle the big kid. 


See you soon! 



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