Is it me or do the holidays come whooshing in as a whirlwind of chaos?

I already feel the pressure of perfect presents, new and exciting holiday recipes, and fitting in ALL THE THINGS between Thanksgiving and New Years.

But me and P-Daddy are ON IT this year.

We are done with our Christmas shopping.

Aside from the 3056 incidentals that will inevitably come up. 

We took our holiday family photos this morning.

Sadie was kind enough to reserve the fall-out tantrum for the second we opened up the door to leave. 

Thanksgiving food prep is underway.

Hope I don’t eat all those roasted sweet potatoes before Thursday! 

Both kids are napping and I’m rummaging through the cabinets for the rum.



I had one of those surreal moments the other day where I slowed down enough to really look at Reese and I suddenly realized that she is 5 months old.

She’s also a TANK.

Thanksgiving rolls for daaaaaaaays on that little nugget’s legs.

Its funny how in five short months, Reese has become so ingrained in the fabric of our family, that I can not even imagine life without her.

She always has a big, big grin for me in the morning (even when she was up all night screaming in my ear!).

And I’m also fairly certain she’s got some teeth starting to poke through.

I know this because she spends most nights wailing to me about it and then gnawing my finger off.

Even though the long, long nights have me in a daze for days, I think we’ll keep her.

5 months!




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