‘Twas the Reindeer before Christmas….

Rudolph came!

According to the big kid, Santa is scary and is not allowed in the house.


So we baked gingerbread cookies, decorated them by eating all the icing, and carefully selected two for Rudolph, who is allowed to come in the house and deliver presents.

On Christmas morning, Sadie wandered over to the stairs, looked at all the presents piled under the tree below and proclaimed in a soft whisper “Santa isn’t scary anymore.”

Reese was still snoozing away because she stayed up all night listening for the for reindeer hooves to make such a clatter.

And every 90 minutes she would wake her parents who would see what was the matter.


Nothing was the matter.

Reese just has a very severe case of FOMO.

The doctor made the official diagnosis at her 6 month check up.



The stats:

Weight: 16 lbs. 13 oz.

Length: 25 inches

Head circumference: Enough room for a big, curious brain that can operate on little to no sleep.

We also have an appointment to go to the Children’s hospital to get her poor tear duct unclogged so she can stop the mass production of green goobers from her eye.

The rest of December was filled with the typical hustle and bustle of the most wonderful time of the year + a stomach bug that took us all out for three days.

We also left some sickies for Granny as a nice parting gift after she stayed with us for a whole month.

See you later! Stay close to the toilet for the next 12 hours! 

And then Reese came down with a fever during her Christmas party at daycare.

Kids just don’t know how to hang.

But we all woke up healthy (although slightly extremely groggy) on Christmas morning and we leapt into the magic that is Christmas with a 2 1/2 year old.


We woke up like this, I swear! 

Unwrapping presents was a five hour affair with many stops to play and an intermission to cook up some chocolate chip brownie waffles with a side of gingerbread cookie and eggnog spiked coffee (for Mom and Dad, of course).

The pictures are sparse because it was a “live in the moment” kind of morning.

We’re grateful Sadie has no idea what a fingerling is (does anyone know what a fingerling is???) and that she spent most of the day working in her new play kitchen and ringing up lots of produce at her fancy new cash register.

Then there was a play-doh creation hour while Mom sipped on a Sam Adams Winter Lager and cooked up some Maple Mustard Glazed Green Beans and Potatoes and perused her new DIY Vegan Cookbook.

When the kids finally went down for a long winter’s nap, Mom and Dad played toy Tetris and found a new home for all of the new presents.

Mom may have been in her glory while organizing the pots, pans, and play food of the new kitchen.

Until she realized she now has two kitchens to clean up 737 times a day.


Now we have a week of lazy days, kid crafts, and miscellaneous adventures as we round out 2017.


We hope Rudolph brings more sleep in 2018.




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