Love is in the air

As it happens in life, as soon as you have a baby, people want to know if you’re going to have more.


Do you keep buying lottery tickets when you’ve already won?



I won the baby lottery and the ticket shop is now closed.


Especially now that we are having so much fun with our winnings!

Friends, newborns are cute, but they are a lot of work.

Eight months in and we are finally (I always say that) hitting our stride.

My Mom promised me that life with two would get easier and (as is always the case) she was right.

Now that Reese can sit up on her own and is starting to move (crawl? shimmy?) she is



She thinks big sister is hilarious and laughs hysterically at the most mundane of moments.


They are starting to play together (and squabble over the same toys) and I can finally sit back and just soak up the joy.


Reese always has big, big smiles (until 4:00 and then she is ANGRY) and claps for herself and her accomplishments all throughout the day.

Speaking of accomplishments, Reese is:

Starting to crawl/scoot and she is FAST.


Eating ALL THE FOOD. They requested backup at daycare.

SO CURIOUS. She explores EVERYTHING in her path.


Talking (grunting) to let us know what she wants.

Playing independently. Something sister didn’t do much of until about a couple of months ago.


Sitting up in the crib when she wakes up. I find this to be the cutest thing ever. Even at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 AM.

Kind of.


February was filled with love and Valentines all around.



Speaking of Valentine’s Sadie was so excited that we got her………..paper.


So. Excited.

And Reese, naturally, was in love with her recycled bag.


Eight month old babies are the best.

They are all plump and squishy, but inquisitive and independent.

And 2.5 year olds make the best big sisters.


I just love it.





One thought on “Love is in the air

  1. Granny says:

    Love these happy babies !!!! We have definitely won the lottery with the grandchildren we have been blessed with.
    Sadie sure is a talker and that Reesy cup is never short on smiles. Can’t wait for the next visit to see how much these little love bugs are are doing. Can’t wait to see you and John too ❤️


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