Sweet 16

If you blink, they turn a year and a half.


Life happens faster than the shutter speed on the fanciest camera.

I’ve written two sentences and I’ve already had to stop twice to wrangle a rogue toddler.

She thinks she’s grown because she can walk…..

all over the house and right into our hearts.


She’s training for the big leagues now.


Some of her adventures have included the zoo, the Children’s museum and the pumpkin patch.


img_1815 img_1816


I’m pretty sure we’re raising a strong willed woman.


I can’t wait to see what direction life takes us next!


SADIE JANE’s List of Loves: 

1.  Helping with the laundry

2. Reading ALL the books! Animal books and  “Moo Baa La La La”

3. Playing with the “DOH” (dogs)

4. Helping to clean the house with her mini mop set

5. Playing hide and seek…..with herself

6. Slamming doors in Mom’s face

7. Trying to swim in the toilet

8. Playing with rocks

9. Eating fruit. Any fruit. Only fruit. 

10. Scanning the sky for airplanes

(I think this is the last photo taken of the three of us and it’s from six months ago!)


We survived 16 months!

Little Pumpkin

Today is October 22nd, 2016. 

It’s my birthday and almost Sadie’s Jane’s year-and-a-half birthday.

And we’ve decided to add another birthday to the family.


The day before Sadie turns TWO, there will be TWO siblings.


We’re adding another pumpkin to the patch!


Coming June 2017 to a family near you!


The Yearling

            What a ONE-derful year it has been!

Sadie Jane is 365 days old.


I remember when she was one hour old.

The only thing she could do is sleep.

Now, no one ever sleeps.


Not really.

But she went from a sleepy, dreamy newborn to a sassy, spunky little spit-fire in that short period of time.

I already look back fondly at all the memories we’ve captured.

Care to look with me?

Hold my hand while I sob uncontrollably?

Offer me a tissue?

The tissue is not for me but for her never ending runny nose.

The cutest little nose I have ever seen in my whole life.


OIMG_0723 IMG_0730 IMG_5808 IMG_0762 IMG_0742 IMG_0745 11692525_10206372586369981_3754575713682396268_n Sadie16 Sadie4 photo 4 IMG_1060 IMG_1109 share IMG_5830 share-3 FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender 11924569_10207705025693509_4750703787780345911_n 12140798_10208052824348258_3071579226222346532_n 12011188_10208090884379735_1324493277494727884_n 11209718_10208090884419736_1560317520181714573_n 12081477_10205131565037384_1853242972_n 10529479_10205170447409419_1198636257_n 12002957_10206929147123652_4840196318934956238_n 12039737_10206932062876544_1886809286151993455_n 12074961_10206979959513930_8069310551675911749_n IMG_1560 IMG_9728 IMG_9923 IMG_9968 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 10271_10207219924589778_2896815052658619857_n IMG_9981 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender IMG_1273 IMG_1312 IMG_1315 IMG_1399 FullSizeRender IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_6196 IMG_6281 IMG_1458 FullSizeRender IMG_1417 IMG_1433 FullSizeRender IMG_1626 IMG_1635 IMG_1540 IMG_1440 image-22-05-16-07-43 image-22-05-16-07-44 image-22-05-16-07-45-1 image-22-05-16-07-45-2 image-22-05-16-07-45 image-22-05-16-07-46-1

IMG_1686 IMG_1709 IMG_1729 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1718 IMG_1694

IMG_6291 IMG_6245 IMG_6237 IMG_6236 IMG_6309 IMG_6312 IMG_6249 IMG_6253 IMG_6201 IMG_6205 IMG_6219 IMG_6213 IMG_6210 IMG_6232

IMG_6238 IMG_6248





Ocean’s 11

The squish fish sassy Sadie is 11 months.


This hardly seems possible.

It boggles my mind the things that a little human can learn to do in such a short period of time.

Her personality is really starting to shine and she has definite interests in certain objects.

Namely electrical outlets and computer cords, but once we remove the hazardous materials, she takes a clear liking to actual toys.

She currently loves to sort, put objects in containers and take them back out, stack blocks, and hand objects to us.

Based on these skills, her career choices seem to be leaning toward:

Expert laundry unfolder



Garbage collector





And Bernie Sanders Supporter

(She loves to hand things out!)


She also moonlights  daylights as a ninja.


She’s now efficient at pulling herself to stand and uses a walker to pioneer across the vast unexplored territories inside and outside of our home.


We will love her until the ocean meets the sky. 


HAPPY 11 MONTHS Lady Jane! 



Sadie Jane has officially been in the world longer than she was in my belly.

Let’s talk to her about her experience so far.


Mom: What would you say has been the best day of your life so far? 

Sadie Jane: The day I met you, obviously.


M: What has been your greatest adventure?

SJ: That one day that we went on that big flying thing and went to see all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! We have a very big family. I cried ALL THE WAY HOME because I missed them so much when we left. 




M: What other fun things have happened recently?

SJ: Well, you aren’t going to believe this but a big, fuzzy bunny came to visit and brought me treats! 



M: It sounds like you had a good Easter. What was the best part? 

SJ: Oh that’s an easy one, Mom. When I met my duckling, Winston! Hey, where is Winston? I haven’t sawed him since Easter. 


M: Oh, your cousins are taking good care of Winston. 


M: Hey! Remember that day you went on a swing for the first time?


SJ: Yes. Why are we not doing that right now? I want to do that for all the days. 

M: You have to finish your breakfast first. What’s your favorite food?

SJ: Bananas. As if you didn’t know. 


M: I do know how much you love bananas. What’s your favorite drink? 

SJ: Coffee. I just can’t get my day started without it. 


M: Me either.


M: Is there anything else you want the world to know? 

SJ: Watch out! I can pull myself up on almost everything now. Also, I don’t know why you have baby jails all over the house. I’m just trying to see some stuff. And what is that glorious black box in the kitchen with lights and colors and leftover bananas? Is that some sort of exclusive club? I want in. And while we’re at it, you keep telling me to share, but keep taking things away from me. What’s up wit dat? 


M: I love how curious you are Sadie Jane! But you can’t eat the dog food or climb into the refrigerator. Do you have any big plans before your first birthday? 

SJ: Is Vegas an option? 

M: For me or you? 

SJ: Me. I bet Granny would take me. 


M: You’re right. Granny is the only one that is going to take you on a big flying thing for a long, long time. 


M: Eat your banana.




It’s all fun and games until someone has to eat a dirty sock.


And then, it’s still all fun and games.

This is seriously how she entertains herself.


IMG_1460 IMG_1458 IMG_1456

She army crawls around the whole house with a sock hanging out of her mouth.

This is in between olympic speed floor swimming to the dog dish, electrical cords and bathroom garbage cans.

At 9 months old, I can see the resemblance between us. FullSizeRender-11

This girl is funny. 

And she really likes to eat.

Another thing we have in common.

IMG_1424 IMG_6196

I basically look the same way after I devour a sweet potato blueberry puree.

(Pause blogging because I just found in her the corner with my sock and computer cord. For reals). 

She also loves to Godzilla a tower of blocks.

She hauls ass across the house to do it.

IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1463 IMG_1464

She also still loves to be outside.


Luck be this lady.


And this family.


Also, could someone pick us up one of these?


It would really help with the neglected house cleaning since I’m too busy retrieving i-phone cords and the contents of our garbage every 3.5 seconds.

And I just really believe it’s important to teach the importance of contributing to household tasks.

Yeah. That sounds good.

Now please excuse us, someone is popping a new tooth and someone is crying.

I won’t say who’s doing which.



Crazy 8’s

Well, here we are again at 5:00 AM.

I just got done nursing the babe and now I’m nursing a cup of strong coffee (the deliver methods are different, I assure you).

Sadie  Sassy Jane will be 8 months tomorrow.


She might as well be 18.

Watching her learn and grow is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced.

Every day is a series of mini milestones that make my heart swell.

I am constantly in awe of the new skills she seems to have acquired overnight.

I want to stop and write them all down but life happens so fast that I just try to tuck them into a corner of my brain where I can think about them when she really does turn 18 and I presumably have a free minute or two.

You know, I’ve been around babies and have watched them grow up.

But somehow I took for granted just how magical the developmental process is.

It’s awe inspiring.

Sassy Jane is an observer and an explorer.


She  concentrates intensely on new objects and new toys.


She does this from her brand new vantage point of unassisted upright sitting.


She only occasionally topples over which sometimes requires a snuggle and other time turns into series of rolls across the living room.

Rolling and sliding are her main mode of transportation.


I’m almost worried she’ll never crawl because she’s such an efficient roller.


But she will crawl because every once in a while I catch her with her butt straight up in the air while she figures out how to maneuver her knees into the necessary position.

Here are some other reasons month 8 has been great!

Valentine’s Day! 


Sadie had her first Valentine’s Day party at daycare. She shared some treats and got a bag full of Pinterest projects in return.


Of course, the Valentine that really stole her heart was a classic square of card stock paper that she played with for a full 40 minutes while I ate her package of banana puffs.

Birthday Parties! 


Sadie’s second cousin turned ONE and Sadie was there to celebrate. She spent most of her time hanging with Grandma-Grandma because Grandma-Grandma is awesome and who wouldn’t want to be her side kick for the afternoon?



Sadie has finally moved into the child seat of the grocery cart. I love toting her around in a baby carrier, but my back is especially excited about this one. It only took about 22 minutes to figure out how to use the cart cover.




Sadie is definitely interested in books (and everything else). Grandma  Denise sent her a book special to my own heart-The Thingamajigs! P-Daddy is freaked out by them but where else is a girl going to learn manners than from dirty, ugly trolls?



She has two and uses them to eat more sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, blueberries, apples, and, ahem,  prunes when necessary.

The SASS! 


Sadie gets more smiley and more sassy every day. She lets out a string of “mmm” and “bbb” sounds from morning to night. I’m confident she’ll be singing “Mmmbop” any minute. Every once in a while there’s a long “momomomomom” that makes my heart melt faster than the snow in Delaware.

For everything Sadie has learned this month, I learned something very important myself.

Love, to me, has always been endless and infinite. What I didn’t know is that infinity can grow. Every day I think I can’t possibly love this kid any more than I already do but then tomorrow comes and I love her more for a million new reasons.

 I need to bookmark this post on my phone so I can read it when I’m summoned for the millionth time in the middle of the night.

But for now, just excuse us while The Sass smooshes her face into the corner of the couch while licking and cooing and I refill my giant cup of coffee.

8 months